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What is the best massage in London?

It's hard to beat a good massage. One whole hour (or 90 minutes if you're feeling flushed) is dedicated to easing your aches and pains and leaving you absolutely blissful. However, not every message is the same. Maybe you need something more intense for your gym-worn muscles. Maybe it's for your stressed mind.

Here are the most relaxing massages in London right now, from soothing treatments in serene subterranean spaces to post-workout wind-downs.

If your idea of a relaxing massage involves gently drifting off into a Zen-induced slumber, deep tissue massage isn’t for you. As part of the Royal Persian Massage Therapy Clinic, this treatment is a multi-sensory experience. As you relax and invigorate during the massage, you are accompanied by a soundtrack that keeps you focused.

As part of the full-body massage using full-service-infused oils, therapists use traditional techniques alongside bamboo rollers and crystals to deliver unparalleled muscle relief and stress management. The whole experience is topped off with a shot of CBD Amplify Seltzer to leave you floating through the rest of your day.

Deep Tissue Massage

What People Say About Us

Awesome! I love your face and body procedures that help me feel beautiful before the important events. Thank you! I would recommend your salon to everyone!

Royal Persian Massage Therapy

Amelia Brown


My best friend recommended  your salon to me and I was really impressed by the quality of service you provide! I feel so relaxed after the massage! Very thankful!

Royal Persian Massage Therapy

Amy Weinstein


I feel so relaxed and inspired after the visit to your beauty salon! Thank you for your professional treatment and excellent beauty procedures for my skin!

Royal Persian Massage Therapy

Kylie Rogers

New Client
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